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Student Projects

Below you will find certain projects that students created using Google Drawings. Students were tasked with creating a simple poster that they could hang in their rooms. The purpose of this project is to allow the students to express themselves and their interests visually whether that be in music, TV, Internet personalities, etc.

5th grade room poster projects

Amalia room poster
Raquel room poster
Yaritza room poster
Lissenny RPP
Luzmeily RPP
Patrick RPP
Raquel RPP
Joelvis RPP
Taty RPP
Ryan RPP
Konan RPP
Santiago RPP
Jade RPP
Steven RPP
Wilmary RPP

2nd grade room poster project

Elian RPP
Alina RPP
Jazmin RPP
Lisaudy RPP
Lewis RPP
Paulyna RPP
Sharlotte RPP
Wildaly RPP
Sandy RPP

1st Grade Room Poster Project

First page of the PDF file: LIANAGONZALEZ-NamePoster
First page of the PDF file: DANTEROSEROSELMO-NamePoster
First page of the PDF file: SCARLETTSANTOS-NamePoster
First page of the PDF file: NICOLETTEGARCIA-NamePoster